Manchester, UK: More Than Just Oasis

The North of England is experiencing a boom in trendy restaurants and funky art galleries. Take a journey with Kate to one of the coolest cities in the UK…

My other half recently moved to Manchester to start a new job which had given me a great excuse to explore a new city as often as he and his flat mates will put up with me staying over. This city has so much to offer in terms of art, culture and most importantly fantastic food!

One place that I’d really enjoyed visiting even before I started going to Manchester more often was Oklahoma. No not the musical or the city in the United States but a funky shop just off the main Manchester shopping streets that will fill you with whimsical joy and help you to buy a gift for that person that is really difficult to buy for. If anyone is struggling buying me a Christmas present, I’ll take the cactus Christmas tree decorations!

Shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but do you know what is? Pizza. That’s what. Manchester has possibly the greatest Italian restaurant in the UK that specializes in classic Neapolitan pizzas made from fresh ingredients and served in a convivial and relaxed setting. I’m talking about the one and only Rudy’s. The currently have two locations in Manchester and have just opened one up in Liverpool that I am so eager to try!

After the inevitable food baby you might want to go and pontificate over some art. Manchester has plenty of that for your delectation. My personal favorite is the Manchester Art Gallery which has a fabulous permanent exhibition as well as lots of temporary ones. If you follow me on Instagram then you will know I’m also a big fan of the architecture of the main lobby.

Feeling hungry again? Look no further than Mackie Mayor. Permanent food markets seem to be all the rage and the moment but that’s fine with me as I can never really choose where to eat for dinner so they allow me to sample bits and bobs from lots of different culinary establishments. I tried the delicious cod bao from Baohaus and the boy had a steak sandwich. Mackie Mayor used to be a meat market and is continuing he glorious tradition by welcoming several different vendors to sell their gastronomic delights in this stunning industrial building.

No doubt I will have more to tell you about Manchester wise in the near future but these are my current obsessions. If you try any of them I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Manchester, UK: More Than Just Oasis”

  1. Sounds great, I’d never really spent much time in Manchester so it was nice to spend a weekend there earlier in the year. I’ll have to remember some of these spots for whenever I return 🙂

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