Liverpool, UK: Capital of Culture

You don’t always have to venture far from home to have a relaxing break! Liverpool is the perfect place for those culture vultures amongst you.

Ten years on from celebrating its statue as European Capital of Culture 2008, Liverpool has placed itself at the forefront on all matters cultural. As a semi-native (I come from just across the water) I am proud to consider Liverpool as my home city. With a cornucopia of restaurants, bars and museums you could never get bored in this great city.

Currently running in the city is the Liverpool Biennial. The city-wide art event happens every other year; each time with a different theme. This year we are experiencing the artists interpretation of “Beautiful World, Where Are You?” I was lucky enough to volunteer at a partner exhibition called This is Shanghai, which has now ended but celebrated the historic link between the two metropolises. So far on the Biennial crawl, I have checked out the installation at the Tate Liverpool and at the Bluecoat. Both specialising in modern art these two galleries are at the heart of the city centre and provide cultural respite for those wanting to get away from the standard British high street experience.

If you follow me over on Instagram then you will no doubt know that I have a penchant for architecture of all kinds. This love of mine was probably started off at a young age when I saw all the different styles of buildings that Liverpool has to offer. From the modernist Metropolitan Cathedral to the classic Georgian Quarter, you can travel through dozens of styles in a matter of minutes each one as stunning as the last.

By now you might be getting a little peckish. I would if I were you! I’ve recommended it before but I’ll recommend it again. Mowgli Street Food will never disappoint. Recently, I treated myself to a delicious Chip Butty at their Water Street location that satisfied my cravings for fried potatoes, chillies and scrummy carbohydrates all in one go. Liverpool has a fantastic independent scene and you can find out more about that over at Independent Liverpool. In fact, it can be quite difficult to go out to eat in a chain restaurant because the homegrown culinary offering dominates! Other eateries I would highly recommend include Maray, Lucha Libre and East Avenue Bakehouse.

I’ll leave you with one final suggestion. And trust me I’ve left the best until last! The World Museum has the honour of hosting an incredible exhibition of the world-famous Terracotta warriors. The exhibition has been on for a few months now and will wrap up at the end of October so there is still time to go and see a once in a generation event! When I heard that only a few of the warriors were actually being shown on display I was sceptical about how much I would enjoy it but there is so much more to it that just them! If you’ve ever had an interest in Chinese history then I can assure you it is worth the trip.

There are a few negative stereotypes about Liverpool that the citizens are doing their best to dispel, why don’t you make the journey up for yourself and see what it’s all about?


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  1. I’ve never really spent any time in Liverpool, other than to go to the airport, so I’ve been meaning to go for a while. Might have to see if I can squeeze in a trip before the end of October!

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