Huntsville, Alabama: Hiking in Huntsville

Jessica from The Walking Mermaid shares some hidden gems in this post all about hiking and waterfalls!

Hiking can be an obsession. It’s thrill to find new trails including hidden gems can make us travel to unbelievable places around the world. These trips get even better when there are caves or waterfalls waiting for us to see. Huntsville, Alabama holds two waterfalls. One in Monte Sano Mountain and another one in Green Mountain. The one in Monte Sano only flows after a large rainfall but the one in Green Mountain is not too well known in the area and it’s free flowing year around. Best of all, there are caves here too. Here is everything you need to know about the trail and these gems.

Green Mountain is well known for their lake and trails on the Green Mountain Nature Trails. The Land Trust of Green Mountain is not so well known in the area though. After passing the main entrance to the Green Mountain Nature Trails you will see a small sign saying Land Trust leading to the small gravel parking lot. Once you arrive and get to the trailhead you will see a map. You can download a map here as well. To reach the waterfall and the caves take Alum Hollow Trail.


Alum Hollow Trail is named after the Alum Caves found on this trail. Alum is the name of the quickly diminishing stone found in these caves. On the trail you will see three small waterfalls along with 3 caves. Some actual hiking up and down the mountain but overall easy enough to do with kids or in a group.

The hike there is about 1.23 miles through the woods. You will cross two creeks and work your way down a steep end of the trail before arriving to the waterfall on your right. It is a small waterfall but absolutely beautiful. As you continue on the trail, shortly after the waterfall you will see the Alum caves to your left. The caves will be your turn around point. You can continue on to the other trails as well to view more of Green Mountain and what it has to offer.


The Land Trust of North Alabama at Green Mountain consists of various trails (read more here). According to their map (found here) there is another waterfall on Ranger Trail that you can visit. Here are a few details about Alum Hollow Trail.

● Round trip: 2.56 miles

● Level: Easy

● Natural Finds: Waterfall & Alum Caves


I am not the biggest on giving locations for hidden gems but this place, though it’s not popular, technically it’s not hidden. You can find some information about this place here.

13800 South Shawdee Road, Huntsville, AL 35803

Directions: Take Carl T Jones Dr SE to Bailey Cove Rd SE. Turn left onto Green Mountain Rd SE which becomes S Shawdee Rd SE. You will see the Land Trust sign on the right after the black fence about two miles down the road.

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