Ravadinovo Castle, Bulgaria: A Walk In a Fairy Tale

Editor Kate has always wanted to visit Bulgaria so when Marchela suggested she write about this magical country, MNTTN snapped at the chance!

Once upon a time there was a castle … This is how you would expect a fairytale to start except that this time, it’s not a fairytale. Only 30min drive from one of Bulgaria’s main cities, Burgas, there is a magical place called Ravadinovo Castle. Why magical? It was once an ordinary man’s dream to build something magical, a castle that’ll last forever. And he did. The castle was named “In Love with the Wind” and was completed just over 15 years ago.

Today you can go and see it cuddled in the middle of nowhere (literally) just outside of a small village in Eastern Bulgaria, called Ravadinovo, only a few kilometers from my favourite sea town of Sozopol.

Why is it so special?

When I got to the castle, at first I was a bit surprised. There was no real road going to the castle, only an unbeaten path and a long queue of Bulgarians leading up to the entrance. I must admit that even though the outside of the castle suggested that the place was magical, it was when I paid my €10 and entered into the castle’s main yard that I realized how truly special this place was. The castle really is one of a kind. I was standing right after the entrance for a few minutes just admiring the sheer size of the place and the fact that a single man, still living, has been able to create all of it just out of his strong passion and vision.

From a bird’s eye view, the castle has the shape of a crest to symbolize trust, love and commitment. Magically, it changes its color depending on the time of day. In the morning it has pink nuances, during the day it becomes white and at full moon – it glows. It’s no wonder that the castle has attracted producers who’ve used the castle as a shooting scene as well as couples looking to spend their fairy wedding day at “In Love with the Wind”.

What’s in the castle?

The castle is an incredible mixture of enchanting architecture, 20,000 tons of stone, beautiful landscape with gorgeous lakes with waterfowl floating peacefully around, a small zoo with extravagant birds and horses and not surprisingly a gorgeous replica of the famous Trevi fountain. As I was walking around I really felt like I have gone into a plot from a fairytale. Every single little detail was so well crafted to make sure I was feeling as far away from reality as possible. And I certainly did.

The place had ample flower gardens with comfortable artsy seating spots to recharge and enjoy the sun so I was finding myself stopping for a short break quite often. Not so much because I was needing it but because I didn’t want to come to the end of my tour.

When I eventually did after a couple of hours of wandering around, what stroke me was the architect’s quote engraved on a stone leading up to the castle’s main door. It was reading:

“What did you do, sinner, and how did you live?? I made a castle with a lake and two nice children.’’

This short but powerful text stayed with me because it made me realize that the castle’s message is to get people deep in thought and to inspire them to be more and to create meaningful things that will succeed them. It certainly inspired me!

If you’re in search for some magic or true inspiration, take a trip to Burgas and visit the wonderful castle of Ravadinovo. It really is one of a kind.

Thank you to Marchela from for this fascinating piece!


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